New Credit Scam Warnings Issued by the Better Business

The Better Business Bureau has issued new warnings about credit scams – $9.84 charge scam and ‘one ring’ scam

The $9.84 Charge Scam


Alerts about new credit fraud. The New Credit Scam Warnings Issued Better Business Bureau issued a new safety alert following the massive credit data breach at Target that affected customers as well as those of major retailers. This warning could be related to the holiday data breach.

Consumers are being reported to be finding unauthorized charges on their statements. This charge, which is usually $9.84 in most cases, is categorized on the statement with a ‘Customer Service’ charge with one or more fake websites.

Victims are given a phone number and email address when they visit the website that levy the charge. They are informed that the charge will be canceled and that the amount will be credited to their account. It is unclear if this information is true or false. If the account is reimbursed, it will be refunded.

New Credit Scam Warnings Issued

All affected consumers should not contact these fake websites. The BBB offers a variety of suggestions to protect consumers.

– Contact your card issuer if you suspect fraud.

– Dispose of your current card and ask for a new one.

– Add a fraud alert to your credit file (visit the Federal Trade Commission website

– Keep an eye on all accounts you have.

Investigators are still trying to determine if this fraud has anything to do with the holiday data theft.

The “One Ring” Return Call Scam – DO NOT RETURN THE CALL!

Fraud Alert

Consumers are also being warned by the BBB about another scam. It appears unrelated to the holiday period data breach and the $9.84 scam. Although no complaints have been filed as of yet, Steve J. Bernas, president of the BBB has said that the scam is rapidly spreading throughout the U.S. and that it is only a matter of time before complaints are filed.

This scam uses malware to infect personal computers and make thousands of calls to random numbers. Each call lasts only one ring before it disconnects. This is why the name.

This scam is designed to lure people to answer missed calls and return the call. They are then charged $19.95 for an International Call Fee. Victims reported that calls were coming from different international locations, mostly foreign British territories.

You should immediately notify your mobile phone company if you are affected by the scam and be sure to check your bill. You have a better chance of getting your charges fully or partially reimbursed if you report fraud sooner.

According to the BBB, it is best to avoid being harmed by international fraud.

Visit the Better Business Bureau website at for more information and help.

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