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I am going abroad for 8 months, how can I keep my Airtel …

1. Remove the SIM card & restart the device, when this occurs, the phone will re-establish the connection to the network. 2. Try different carrier SIM cards. 3. Tap on Settings>>Backup & reset>>Network settings reset>>Reset settings. 4.

Keeping sim card active – The giffgaff community

Keeping sim card active . blogg95. I just wanted to check that if sim cards are not used for nearly six months, can a call to an 0800 keep the sim active? My cousin has not used the sim for nearly 6 months and only has the mobile phone for emergencies if car breaks down and wants to keep the number active/keep the number. kathleen414. blogg95 Hello and welcome to help …

Keeping Indian Sim Active ?????? – Candolim Forum – Tripadvisor

It’s not easy and there’s no consistency. We have a couple of Airtel sims that we have had for a few years and I think there are a few reasons they are still active 1) we bought them at the airport, not a tourist resort. 2) they are my husband’s (Indian) name. 3) I top up the credit from our Indian bank account every 6 weeks or so.

Keeping Jio SIM card active : bangalore

Zucchini_United. · 23d. Best would be to convert to prepaid and then keep it active with a long time validity plan. Jio has a plan for 365 days. Keep using it once in few months for very small calls of few seconds. Dont activate any international pack on it, let it automatically latch on to any available network.

Solved: Keeping a sim active when not in use – O2 Community

02/10/2015  · You are doing absolutely the right thing to keep your sim active according to the terms and conditions 7.1. If you do not carry out any chargeable activity at least once in any 6 month period your Mobile Phone will be disconnected and you will lose any remaining credits balance on your Account.

Keeping a Turkcell sim card active. | Turkish Living Forum

14/04/2009  · The line will stay active for 210 days. Here’s how it works……. You load some kontur whilst in Turkey so that becomes day 1. From day 1 to day 90 the sim card is fully active. You can make and receive calls, sms etc. From day 91 to day 180 the sim card is semi active. You can only receive calls and sms etc.

How many SIM cards do you have? Govt makes big …

2 days ago  · The Central government has issued an order to disconnect the phone connections of people have more than nine sim cards. As per the latest order by the department of Telecommunication (DoT), the …

How to keep a Vodafone prepaid card active without …

You will need to recharge with a minimum of Rs.49/- to keep your number active & keep your bank sms coming to your number. Without a recharge the number would be active fora period of 3 – 6 months.

What can I do to keep my Vodafone prepaid number active for 1 …

You will need to recharge with a minimum of Rs.49/- to keep your number active & keep your bank sms coming to your number. Without a recharge the number would be active fora period of 3 – 6 months.

Keeping SIM card active on GoPhone (not a US resident) | AT&T …

01/09/2011  · Yes, you would keep the SIM card active by either adding money to the account online or by using a prepaid refill card. The amount depends on how long it stays active. A $15 refill lasts for only 30 days. $25 refills last for 90 days. I’m pretty sure that $50 refills last for 180 days, and $100 lasts for an entire YEAR.

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How to retain a deactivated SIM card?

Also, the customer should be enrolled in an ‘Automatic Retention Scheme’ where he can retain the SIM by paying nominal charges. Even after de-activation, customer should be given 15 days grace period to re-activate the SIM before the sim can be permanently de-activated and assigned to somebody else.

How can I Keep my sim card alive while abroad?

To keep your sim alive during your abroad stay, always have sufficient amount of balance which can allow you for incoming calls and keep your sim always in on condition and make some incoming call on a particular time period, doesn’t matter you pick these call or not.

Why does my sim card go to de-active mode after 2 years?

SIM/Number will be going to de-active mode if it’s not used within in a period of 90 days (Current Situation). The first thing to check is the validity of the sim/number available for the prepaid card. If you have 2 years you can use that sim for 2 years without recharging if the below method which I have been following for so many years.

What should I do if my SIM card keeps moving?

If you find the SIM to be moving a lot, take the phone to the manufacturer to check if something can be done and if the phone is under warranty, if a replacement can be arranged. You can also try and use a piece of paper on top of the SIM to hold it securely in its place.

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