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In Arizona, there are two types of security guard cards: unarmed and armed. To work as a contracted security guard, that is, to work for a security guard and patrol company, you must be licensed. To get that license, you must take a mandatory training class for your unarmed license. It’s 8 hours in length and can be taken online or in person.

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Get your Guard Card Today. Arizona Armed and Unarmed Training, AZ #1 Training Academy. Become a Security Officer and work in a field that is booming. Serving Arizona (602) 863-1022. Armed Security Guard Classes. ARMED GUARD CARD CLASSES -$75.00 YEARLY RE-QUALIFY CLASSES -$50.00 (call for coupon code) This course is designed to certify armed guard to carry firearms upon …

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Make sure to bring your training completed proof with a face color photo and your application. Give the officer your application and all other required documents. Officer will finger print you. AZDPS will issue you a guard card upon fee payment and after the background check.

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How: You can check the status of an electronic or paper application on-line at the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s License Status tab. You can also check the status by calling (602) 223-2361. Based on the number of callers ahead of you, you may experience a wait time.

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05/07/2017  · Bring your registration application, a color photo of your face and verification of training to the local Arizona DPS post. Get fingerprinted by an Arizona DPS officer. Give the officer all of the required documents. Pay the required fees. The Arizona DPS will issue your guard card after conducting a background check.

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ARIZONA GUARD CARD. ALL NEW!!!! ONLINE CLASSES-. You can now take a class in person at our state of the art training facility or from the comfort of your own home. Unarmed and Armed Classes ONLINE.

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Definitions from ARS §32-2601-16. "Private security guard service" means any agency, individual or employer in the business of furnishing to the public for hire, fee or reward dogs, watchmen, patrol service, private security guards or other persons to protect human life or to prevent the theft or the misappropriation or concealment of goods …

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How do I get a security guard card in Arizona?

The process to get your Arizona security guard card, either armed or unarmed is pretty straight forward, below you will find the process on what’s needed to get it. There are two methods to apply: paper and electronic.

How long is a guard card good for in Arizona?

The guard card is good for two years after the date of issuance by the Arizona DPS. The Arizona DPS does not accept personal checks. Armed guards require additional training to receive a guard card. The guard card is good for two years after the date of issuance by the Arizona DPS. The Arizona DPS does not accept personal checks.

Do you need a license to be a guard in Arizona?

Police, Fire, and … The State of Arizona requires you to obtain a guard card, before you can get a job with a security company or agency. The Arizona Department of Public Safety issues the guard licenses. Both armed and unarmed guards are required to have a license in Arizona.

What can you do with a guard Card license?

The guard card license allows people to work as security guards, bouncers, loss prevention agents, in security patrol, etc. Specialized training is typically available for niche assignments.

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