Activate Emerald Card | Activate H&R Block Emerald Card

Activate H&R Block Emerald Card

Let’s check out Emerald Card Activation or Activate H&R Block Emerald Card. This post contains information on activating the Emerald Card. The customers can go for the online option by visiting its official site,, or they can activate their Emerald card by using the MyBlock Mobile App, or they can contact the call centre at 1-866-353-1266 to activate their Emerald card.

Emerald Gemstone offers Emerald Card facilities to its customers. This post takes you to Emerald Card Activation and Activate Emerald Card services to make their customers more comfortable with tax refund transactions. Activate H&R Block Emerald Card allows their customers to make safe and faster money transactions as well as shopping and payment satisfaction, and you can pay bills by using this card.

Emerald Card activation is a sensitive process, and customers are advised to share their details very carefully to activate their Emerald Card. I suggest customers get familiar with the activation process in advance to succeed in activating the H&R Block Emerald Card.

However, Emerald Card activation allows their customer’s tax refunds to pay off far beyond tax season. The customer can make purchases, pay their bills, and get cash at the ATM throughout the year.

Follow this post very carefully and get all the information that you are looking for about Emerald Card activation. This allows customers to get advantages on various shopping and purchase occasions by paying through the card. Advantages: The customer can get various offers like a bonus, discount, cash back, and gifts when paying via Emerald Card.

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Activate Emerald Card | Activate H&R Block Emerald Card

Emerald Card Activation allows its customers to use the card facility offered by the organization. Customers will get relief from carrying money everywhere. Instead, it offers an alternative option for their customers to get flexibility in their daily lives. Here are some options to activate the Emerald Card.

Emerald Card activation has several ways, which are as follows:.

  • Online Method
  • Activation Via Phone Call the Emerald Call Center
  • Activate via the MyBlock mobile app.

Customers are suggested to use the most suitable method to activate the Emerald Card. Now, let’s discuss it briefly to explore activation methods.

Emerald Card Activation Via Online

To activate an Emerald Card online, customers need Internet access in order to do so. If a customer finds this method suitable, they can attempt this method for Emerald Card activation. Now, follow the quick steps to activate the Emerald Card.

  1. First of all, the customer needs to visit its official site here.
  2. The customer needs to go to H&R Block Services to activate the Emerald Card.
  3. Then, the customer will face prompt steps to activate the Emerald Card.
  4. The customer has to share their details, if required, to activate the Emerald Card. Such details as the Emerald Card number, the expiry date, and so on.
  5. After completing the activation process successfully, the customer will get a notification.

Now, if you find any trouble in Emerald Card Activation online because of internet access or a server down or it can be anything then you can go for another option.

Emerald Card Activation Via Phone Call On Call Center

  1. If the customer wants to activate the Emerald Card by phone, then they are required to make a phone call at 1-866-353-1266.
  2. Where the customer can make a request to activate the Emerald Card. An authorized user can activate the card, but it is required to share the cardholder’s personal details.
  3. The customer needs an Emerald Card in their hand in order to respond during the activation process.
  4. After following the instructor’s instructions successfully, you will get a notification about completing the activation process successfully.

Activate Emerald Card Via MyBlock Mobile App

Emerald Card Activation offers their customers the ability to activate H&R Block Emerald Cards by using their phones. The customer just needs to download the official app in order to activate the Emerald Card and start its usage. By using this Emerald Card, customers can use the debt facility as per their account balance. Check out the steps to activate the Emerald Card by using the MyBlock Mobile App.

  1. First, customers will be required to download the MyBlock Mobile App on their smartphone to activate their Emerald Card.
  2. Then the customer needs to open the app, where they will find several options for its usage.
  3. customer will find the Manage Your Card option Go through it and select the activate option.
  4. The customer will find prompt steps that they need to follow to successfully activate their Emerald Card.
  5. Once you complete the activation process, you will be notified of its successful completion.
  6. After that, the customer can start using it for various occasions.

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Emerald Card Activation allows customers to use debit services offered by the organization to provide flexibility in cash transactions as well as make tax refunds easier. Using an Emerald Card allows for faster and safer transactions. activate the Emerald Card.

Moreover, the customer can use it to pay different bills in different places. Most importantly, it makes the tax refund process easier, and you can use this card any time, anywhere. If you have any doubts about Emerald Card activation, if you are a primary cardholder and want to activate Emerald Card, or if you are looking for more guidance on various card activations, you can contact us anytime, anywhere on CardSactivation.

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